HUSKY. The story of a timeless icon

The year is 1965. Steve Gulyas, a retired American aviator, and his wife Edna, who have always been passionate about hunting and fishing, decide to start a project specialising in clothing to combat the cold and offer greater comfort and practicality to those who, like them, enjoy country sports. Realising the great potential of this idea, the couple began to produce the first models once they had settled in Tostock (England).

In 1965, the Husky brand was born, its name a tribute to the faithful companion who used to accompany Colonel Gulyas on his country outings.

Husky immediately established itself as a synonym for the hunting jacket, representing an established lifestyle that is easily recognisable. The refined design, practicality and quality of these garments perfectly meet the needs of consumers, becoming a must-have garment that combines comfort and aesthetics, technicality and versatility. The quilted nylon jacket, which has accompanied the brand’s history since 1965, becomes iconic and an integral part of the Husky soul, symbolising a passion for country sports and a very specific lifestyle.

THE SUCCESS: Husky is chosen by the UK ROYAL FAMILY, establishing itself as a Status Symbol

The success of Husky over the years is evident: the quilted nylon jacket immediately becomes the favourite of the British royal family, who use it as a sporty garment thanks to its fit and durability.

An irreplaceable companion on the horseback rides of Queen Elizabeth and the entire Royal Family, the quilted jacket with its velvet collar is consecrated as a recognisable element of the English style and a very precise lifestyle.

Husky garments are worn by world-famous royals such as Lady DianaPrincess Royal Anne and Captain Mark Philips, establishing Husky as a leading international brand with a unique character, oriented towards excellence and worn by celebrities.

Quilted nylon and corduroy details: the iconic elements that encapsulate the brand’s philosophy, making it highly distinctive.

Nylon diamond quilting and a corduroy collar are the iconic elements of Husky garments, making the brand highly distinctive and an integral part of its identity. The uniqueness of Husky is evident in its design and its ability to offer durable, versatile and insulating garments. The quality of Husky garments is so high that many of the original ones are still worn today.

While remaining firmly rooted in its DNA, Husky has continued to evolve over the years, turning its gaze towards innovation and the contemporary, without ever losing sight of its heritage. Indeed, the brand has become an icon of metropolitan style, representing an unsurpassed model in terms of functionality, lightness and thermal insulation capabilities.

The design of the garments has not changed since it was first introduced, although developments and modifications over time have ensured that the product has kept up with the latest systems and technologies.

HUSKY TODAY: the evolution of the brand, starting from its historical strength to modernise and become contemporary

We started from the brand’s classic roots and prestigious past, taking up its tradition to propose a classicism renewed in its details, which turns its gaze towards the future and the contemporary. In fact, we want to create garments that start from Husky’s heritage, but open up to contaminations and trends, reconnecting with current reality. The Husky FALL WINTER 2022 collection therefore starts from the iconicity and long tradition of Husky, taking up the historical diamond quilting and velvet details, and then being transported to a more contemporary and innovative world.

Heritage and trend: the philosophy of the new FW 2022 collection

The brand identity is well defined and distinctive, representing a reference point in the fashion world, easily recognisable by consumers. For this reason we intend to remain faithful to the iconicity of Husky, while implementing evolutionary choices on design and shapes, declining the Men’s/Women’s collections in lengths, volumes and materials. By intervening in terms of design, our aim is therefore to achieve a contemporary Husky, in step with the present day.

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